Somewhere/Shared (2018 – 2019)

somewhere / shared creates a space where non-patriarchal structures are explored and tried out. Emphasis is placed on duels and meetings, regardless of pre-established gender roles. The basis of this choreographic research is the Katajjaq ritual, a traditional throat singing competition performed by Inuit women that stands as a symbol of an alternative, subversive and form of struggle. Three performers combine their broken movements with the vibration of a voice to create collaborative resonance within somatic unpredictability.

somewhere / shared from Cristina D’Alberto on Vimeo.

Concept & choreography by Cristina D’Alberto • Performers: Sara Campinoti, Búi Rouch, Daphna Horenczyk • Voice: Antonia Dering • Music by Leonhard Kuhn • Dramaturgy by Amahl Khouri • Production by Martina Missel • Funded by Kulturreferat der Landeshauptstadt München.

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