CRAVE / 2016

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An audiovisual dance theatre piece Based on Sarah Kane’s piece CRAVE. Performed during the Nordic Performing Arts Days Festival 2016 in the Faroe Islands.

In a place outside time and space, four voices speak to, for and next to each other. A scenic landscape in which single stories stand out: absurd, surreal, found somewhere in the hinterland between humour and anguish.

Movement, sound and projections merge and make the abstract tangible. Textures, color codes and frequencies subliminally transform the bodies of the performers throughout the course of the piece in relation to the plot and inner world of the characters: A synaesthetic landscape, where content and motion sprawl and interweave.

Associations are placed, lost and reappear. An allegedly harmless situation reveals its true nature in a different context. Slowly, off go the layers, and the distressing inner life of the characters on stage get revealed.

Lenght: 50 min.

Choreography and performance: Tanya Rydell Montan, Búi Rouch, Jenny Schinkler, Elina Akhemtova

Soundcomposition, concept and dramaturgy: Simon Kummer

Video mapping, programming and light design: Bernhard Slawik

The piece was financially supported by Mentanargrunnur Landsins.

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