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Two short dance theatre pieces in the “perfection trilogy” by Tomer Zirkilevich.

In MY DAVID, the 1st part of the Perfection Triology, the love and agony triangle between the artist, his creation and his muse is presented. These three layers, almost identical but different in their essence, are crossing each other and mingling between each other. Inspired by David of Michelangelo, My David explores how the beauty ideal shapes the art; and how the art can define a different beauty ideal

SODOM, the 2nd chapter is about the fragile line between truth and forgery, sex and violence in a world in which every person is the curator of their own life. The piece focuses on the relationship between the artist and the audience; The exposures on stage and the endless need for love and approval; no matter if you want to provoke or shake the audience. Our SODOM starts with the invitation to dive deep into the “truth” of Sodom, to the distinction that each one of us has about it.

MY DAVID was initially developed at the HIER = JETZT platform 2018.

SODOM was initially delevoped at the HIER=JETZT platform 2019, and went through further development in Berlin before  premiering at DOCK11 in Berlin October 2019. Further performances took place at the Quinzena da dance de Almada festival in Lissabon, as well as at Theater Kempten, at the annual Tanzherbst Kempten.

Director/choreographer: Tomer Zirkilevich

Assistant director: Edegar Starke

Artistic advisor: Sharon Reshef Armony

Dancers: Búi Rouch, Ronja Häring and Gabriel Lawton.

Video and media: Juan Enrique Villarreal

Costume designer: Bibiana P. Colmenares and Kirsten Seeligmüller

Light designer: Asier Solana

Assistant choreographer: Ronja Häring

Photos: Damaris Meyer, Dieter Hartwig, Marcelina Wellmer.

Premiere: Dock11, Berlin 2019.

Performers involved in the pieces during developmental stage at HIER = JETZT 2018 and 2019: Fernando Troya, Austin Fagan and Cyril Manusch

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