Säuberung / 2015

Säuberung is a 17 minutes short piece which was created during the two week residency Offene Studios in Tanztendenz, Munich and developed further throughout 2015. Based on violent happenings, as well as the political discourse in the Faroe Islands in 2006, which marked a radical change in Faroese LGBT history, the piece deals with otherness, estrangement, group dynamics and queer identity. The usage of handheld flashlights paired with a manipulated voiced-over textscape creates a dreamy, surreal and eerie landscape of flashing bodyparts with erotic undertones, developing into a highly dynamics physical dance language with pumping beats.

Choreography: Búi Rouch

Soundcomposition: Samuel Penderbayne

1st dance cast (Tanztendenz & Kranhalle 2015): Emma Valimaki, Jenny Schinkler, Marcus Tari, Anna Hakkinen, Sandy Chau, Jens Trachsel, Jon Olofsson Nordin

Costumes: Petter Häggström
Text: Búi Rouch and Anja Falkvard Simonsen

2nd dance cast (Regensburger Tanztage Festival 2015): Jenny Schinkler, Chiara Manzoni, Jens Trachsel, Sandy Chau, Yeison Springhorn, Elina Akhmetova

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