Optikum (working title) / 2018 – 2020


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Optikum is the working title for a project in progress with dancer Amie Jammeh and soundcomposer Anna Schübel. The piece takes inspiration from litterature of the authors Byung Chul Han and Yuval Noah Harari, and explores themes like colonialization, patriarchy, sexuality, nature, digital media and trans-humanism. These themes interlink and physically transmute through the dancer’s body, creating the experience of behaviours and different intelligences operating within the performer’s body. With the soundscape being performed live with different outcomes every time, we attempt to give the soundscape autonomy as well, considering it an medium with an agency with the performative context.

The piece has been developed and performed at the HIER=JETZT Festival 2018, with further performances in Gasteig, Munich and Zagreb Dance Centre. The piece is currently being developed into a full-lenght piece, supported by the Faroese Ministry of Culture, Education and Research, and the Faroese Culture Grant Fund. The Full lenght piece will premiere in 2020.

Stills from film footage by Larissa Potapov

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