Optikum 2018

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Optikum is a dance and sound performance that invites the audience to enter a room of stillness and heightened perception. The artwork explores the body in a choreography created through post-antrophoscene aesthetics and viewpoints.

Drawing inspiration from the literature of Korean/German author Byung Chul Han, who in recent years has heavily criticized neoliberal power structures in digital media, the piece also subtly refers to disturbances of that which is flesh, nerves and bones. I

n this slow-paced choreography, bio-cosmic physicality and a futuristic, dystopian soundscape interweave to display a hyperbody, referring to several stages of biological evolution, in a mode of constant subtle disturbance and survival mode. The piece has been developed and performed at the HIER=JETZT Platform 2018, with two further performances in Gasteig, Munich and Zagreb Dance Centre.

Choreography: Búi Rouch

Performer: Amie Jammeh

Sound composer: Anna Schübel

Photos: stills from film footage by Larissa Potapov

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