For You My Love / 2016 – present

ForYouMyLove from Schauburg on Vimeo.

Dance theatre by Johanna Richter produced at Theater Schauburg, Munich. Was part of the theatre’s repertoire for two seasons, and has since then been performed in Schwere Reiter, Bosco Gauting, Cube 521, Stadttheater Kempten and Theatre Freilichtspiele.

In  For You My Love, 5 performers venture through 6 of Shakespeare’s pieces, and bring the Shakespeare stories about conflicts to life through all the facets of dance theatre in a performative, radically playful and partially also improvised way. The piece deals with violence on a familiar and global scale, and also places this into a meta theatrical aspect.

Concept, directing, dramaturgy: Johanna Richter

Performers:  Sasa Kekez, Tim Bergmann, Búi Rouch, Moritz Ostruschnjak, Jannis Spengler (since 2021, Joao Santiago has also performed in the piece)

Scenography: Mark Rosinski

Costumes: Uwe Sinn and Jörg Christel

Battle Choreography: Heinz Wanitschek

Video Design: Thomas Göbl, Felix Hartmann

Premiere: Theater Schauburg, Munich 2016

Lenght: 95 min.

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