Fear.less / 2021 – present

Fear.less is an interdisciplinary dance theatre piece by Johanna Richter for three actors and three dancers. The current tide of anxiety resulting from two years of pandemic isolation is highlighted in this piece. Social distance rules and neurotic behaviours are quoted in choreography and absurd encounters in a scenography representing a projected psychological space. It looks at playful ways of re-entering freedom, community and physical proximity. In Fear.less, the stage becomes a platform where spaces of anxiety turn into spaces of possibilities.

Cast: Conrad Ahrens, Erica D’Amico, Amie Jammeh, Jochanah Mahnke, Búi Rouch and Joao Santiago.

Director: Johanna Richter

Artistic co-work: Tim Bergmann

Stage Design: Mark Rosinski

Costumes: Uwe Sinn and Jörg Christel

Licht design: Hans-Peter Boden

Sound: Philipp Kolb

Video: Tim Bergmann and Thomas Göbl

Photos: Mehmet Vanli

Press work: Katrin Schäfer

Premiere: Neues Globe, Theater Freilichtspiele Schwäbisch Hall 2021.

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